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$ 29.00 USD


$ 29.00 USD
$ 29.00 USD

Each bottle contains 90 capsules of powdered Modifilan Seaweed Extract. Feed your skin and hair with one of the most concentrated minerals, vitamin, and antioxidant sources in the world.

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Beauty Comes from Within.

At Dulamára, we believe that beauty comes from within. That’s why we offer Modifilan -a pure seaweed supplement that has been formulated for maximum absorption. It’s a powerful tool used to support general wellness as well as skin and hair health.

A Pure Seaweed Extract.

Modifilan is a pure brown seaweed extract. It contains one ingredient: Kombu, a seaweed that’s especially prized since antiquity due to its many health benefits.

What makes Modifilan unique?

Most seaweed supplements are simply raw powdered seaweed. However, this raw seaweed is nearly impossible for your body to digest. Modifilan® is easily digestible – but it’s not cooked.  It’s a natural extract of brown seaweed (“Kombu”).  Modifilan® is made by a low-temperature extraction process. This process breaks down the seaweed’s fiber, making the nutrients in seaweed dramatically more absorbable.

Modifilan can help with:

  • Brittle Hair
  • Irritated Skin
  • Thyroid Health
  • Weight
  • Energy

Radical Detox.

Seaweed contains substances called “alginates” that latch on to heavy metals like mercury and arsenic, safely removing them from the body.

Fucoidan: The Ocean's own Fountain of Youth.

Modifilan is rich in fucoidan, which studies show have the following properties: Anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity.

Rich in Minerals.

Modifilan is about 35% mineral content when dried. It contains calcium, iron, selenium, potassium, and especially iodine, which is vital for your thyroid.

Thyroid Support – Hair, Skin, and More.

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) is a major factor contributing to weight, energy levels, and hair, skin and nail health.  Slight hypothyroidism is probably much more widespread than we’ve been led to believe, since it often is only detectable indirectly.
Hypothyroidism is very often caused by a lack of iodine. Brown seaweed is one of the richest food sources in the world for easily-absorbable iodine.

How to take Modifilan.

Maintenance: Take 3 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water.

Detox: During the first week, take 3 capsules a day. After the first week, take 6 capsules a day or more.

Continue for 3 to 6 months, or until condition improves.


Barbara Winer, Tarzana CA
“… I started taking between 12-18 capsules of Modifilan every day. Around the beginning of April, my scalp felt like a day’s growth on an unshaved beard. Yesterday, a friend observed that my hair is slowly growing despite the medication. Most importantly, my energy has returned, and I feel that I’m getting better all the time. I trust in God to answer my prayers for a full and complete recovery.”
Gretchen R, Portland OR
“After much information and efforts, smart supplementation, including that of trace minerals and the regular use of Modifilan, over some period of time, I have come to be free of anxiety, low thyroid (to the point that my PCP says I no longer need medication), insomnia and even low adrenal symptoms. Though I am working with the matters of normal aging, now 51, I am back to enjoying my normal vitality thanks to superior products like Modifilan. Thanks for helping me regain my health and balance!”
Mary, Portland OR
“I’ve had Hashimotos for about two years now. After taking Modifilan for only a month, my thyroid levels were completely normal! It’s also helped reduce my stress levels and overall I’ve never felt better.”
“The thyroid is incredibly important for hair and skin health and one of the best ways to nourish your thyroid is with seaweed. I like Modifilan because of its purity and potency.”

-Dr. Lindsay Moreau, ND

“Modifilan has the property of being a very good absorbent… when Modifilan enters the gastrointestinal tract, it starts to absorb toxins, because it is kind of like a sponge. Modifilan helps remove toxins we consume from food like heavy metals and other chemicals.”

-Javdat Karimov, ND


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