We’re switching to glass packaging!

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Why did we decide to make the switch?

           Plastic is a tempting option for personal care businesses. It’s cheap, light and doesn’t shatter into a million knife-like pieces when dropped onto a bathroom tile floor. However, as you are probably already aware, there are some serious concerns with using plastic, and there are many reasons glass is a much better option.

I’ve seen the damage plastic does to the environment firsthand. 

           As a scuba diver, I’ve seen the side effects of society’s over-consumption of plastic products and packaging. Whether its plastic bottles, bags, jars, or especially fishing line, a huge amount of plastic ends up in the Ocean.

While scuba diving, I’ve seen how much fishing line, plastic bottles, and other plastic refuse ends up in the Ocean, especially near civilization.One time, while scuba diving in one lake in Oregon, I encountered a crawfish tangled up in fishing line. If I hadn’t cut it free with my knife, it would have surely died. I don’t mind eating or using animals as long as it’s not abusive or wasteful, but it has always bothered me to see animals needlessly die or get poisoned by pollution, only to pass that poison onto us and our children when we eat them. It has also bothered me that our company goes through so much plastic packaging in the form of jars and lids, so I decided to finally start majorly cutting back on our plastic use.

Here’s some ways we’re cutting back on plastic:

• Little or no plastic padding in boxes. Instead, we use paper, and sometimes a little bubble wrap.

• Glass jars for products, and metal rather than plastic lids, with preferably foam rather than hard plastic liners.  

• Limited plastic shrink wrap seals over jar caps.We would only use those plastic covers when selling in a retail space, but if you order online, we would send you products without the plastic band around the cap.

Here are some reasons why glass containers are a winner for us:

• Although glass doesn’t decompose, it’s basically made of sand and doesn’t poison or pollute the environment (or end upas microplastics in the fish we eat!). At worst, it ends up as beach glass, which are basically harmless, smooth pebbles in many pretty colors.

• After using our products, you could reuse the jar for anything you want, whether it’s storing food, paint, your kids’ teeth when they fall out, or whatever! Glass works better for reuse than plastic because it doesn’t absorb odors as easily and is more durable and classier looking.

• Again, we’ll be honest, it looks classier and has that nice “feel” we think our quality products deserve. It’s also around the same price as plastic. It’s just a bit more expensive to ship because of its weight, but we think it’s worth it.

While we are currently phasing out plastics, if you place an order soon you might still receive some of the old product in plastic packaging. Bear with us! Once we run out of the old inventory, we will replace it with glass.


Here’s to a cleaner, glassier future with maybe a few more beach glass collections on the horizon!

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