Seaweed’s Moisturizing Magic for Hair

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Seaweed is an effective moisturizer, using only water-based gels that leave your hair's natural oil balance intact. Here's why your scalp will thank you!

Seaweed is abundant in moisture. In its natural state, it feels slimy and gooey. I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing! Seaweed’s slimy, moist texture primarily comes from an abundance of water-logged gel-like substances.These substances are made from polysaccharides that are unique to seaweed.  


Different types of polysaccharides have different benefits, and some of these are quite amazing. Brown seaweed (the type we use here at Dulamára) is rich in “fucoidan,” which is anti-inflammatory and may even help the body fight tumor growth.


One of the most useful beauty benefits of seaweed-based polysaccharides are their ability to moisturize hair effectively without being oil-based.


Dry hair is never a good thing, because it leaves hair vulnerable to breakage, so some kind of moisturizer is a must if you struggle with dry hair.


The vast majority of moisturizing products like conditioners or masks are based on some kind of oil (for example, argan oil is a popular variety). These oils can help revive dry hair, since they mimic the natural oil our scalps produce as well as add other essential nutrients.


However, excessive use of oil-based products can leave too much oil residue on hair, even after washing, making it feel heavy and oily. The oils can also drip onto your face or back and cause acne breakouts.


Another ironic fact that often gets overlooked is that, in the long run, using too much oil can actually dry-out your hair from the roots. This is because your oil glands in your scalp will sense the excess presence of oil and can slow down its overall production of oil in order to compensate.


This can create a cycle where you use an oil-based mask or conditioner, giving it great moisture for a short time, only for your hair to get super dry all over again.


When you apply seaweed to your hair (or skin), it forms a thin film made from polysaccharides that help deeply moisturize with tiny water droplets, rather than oil. When you leave the seaweed on for a longer period, that moisture is able to penetrate your hair or skin barrier slowly and gently without evaporating.


Seaweed does its gentle moisturizing magic all while leaving the natural oils on your hair intact. It neither strips your hair of oil nor adds too much. Both of these scenarios are a no-go, because they confuse your scalp's oil producing glands.


Try out our seaweed hair mask. You’ll find that after a few uses, your hair’s natural oil balance gets normalized and your hair is neither dry and frizzy, nor oily and heavy.



Yamamoto, I. etal. 1984. Antitumor activity of edible marine algae: effect of crude Fucoidanfractions prepared from edible brown seaweeds against L-1210 leukemia. Hydrobiologia 116/117:145-148.

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