How Procrastination turned into a Bath and Body Care Brand

african woman with curly hair

In this post, I’d like to give you some info about me, and why I got into the business of seaweed bath and body care products.

A pretty normal guy with a passion for science

First of all, I’m not someone you’d expect to be making and selling handcrafted bath and body products– I’m a 23-year-old guy who likes doing typical guy stuff, whether that’s going to the gym, drinking beer, chopping wood, or any number of other typical “manly” things (insert manly grunt). I love the ocean and I scuba dive. I’ve also been playing music my whole life, but I am by no means “artsy and craftsy.”

However, I have always had a passionate appetite for science and for learning about natural healing. It was in college that I combined my love of science with the crafting of bath and body care products

Help! My hair is falling out…

During college I wasn’t taking very good care of my health (too many late-night study crunches and too many chicken strips). I was also using really harsh chemical shampoo and soap. As a result of these and other things, my hair began to get thin and fall out.

I did a marketing internship with a company called Pacific Standard Distributors Inc. (you can check them out here). I helped market their flagship seaweed supplement called Modifilan®, which I now distribute on this website.

During the course of my research for the company I learned about the amazing benefits of taking seaweed supplements for hair health. After taking the supplements regularly, my hair felt stronger and stopped falling out.

Procrastination – the source of great ideas?

Fast forward to senior year. I was studying business, and for our capstone class we had to come up with a product concept and create a business plan. At a loss for what to do after much procrastination, and with a looming deadline coming up, I thought I would create some kind of seaweed product, since I had just finished the seaweed internship and was happy about the results I experienced by using seaweed.

Long story short, I stumbled on a Japanese seaweed website and discovered seaweed’s nourishing and moisturizing properties when applied to hair or skin directly. After a ton of research, I created a Seaweed Hair Mask to help condition and combat hair thinning and damage.

It worked!

I used a high concentration of natural seaweed gel and no harsh chemicals in the product. The results were AMAZING. I entered a business startup competition with my product and ended up getting into the top 5 out of 40 business ideas.

Starting A Bath and Body Care Brand

After graduating college, I started the Dulamára brand with much help from family, friends, and mentors. I’m excited to be offering an updated formula of my original Seaweed Hair Mask and to be working on new products. I’m always learning more, and I hope you’ll learn something too by following us on our blog!

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