Modifilan is a seaweed supplement. It has one ingredient: Laminaria, a variety of brown seaweed popular in East Asian cuisine. What makes Modifilan so unique and effective is that it’s an extract. When Modifilan is made, the seaweed undergoes a natural process that breaks down its fiber structure. As a result, the seaweed becomes more concentrated in nutrients and more digestible than other seaweed supplements.



Brown Seaweed Extract is a powerful, natural way to detoxify the body from heavy metals. It's used as a tool to help detox survivors of radioactive fallout and for people with mercury poisoning

Thyroid Support

Brown Seaweed is rich in minerals, especially iodine and selenium, which are vital for the proper function of the metabolism

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Brown seaweed contains fucoidan, which can help your body fight harmful cells

Promotes healthy hair and nails

A powerful blend of minerals, vitamins, and alginates combine to support healthy skin, hair and nails


Detoxing Heavy Metals

Up to 50% of the dry weight of Modifilan consists of gel-like substances called “alginates.” Alginates detoxify the body by absorbing heavy metals. Alginate molecules pass via the digestive tract and bind with toxic metals and radioactive particles, removing them from the body.3, 7

Thyroid Support

Seaweed supplements are one of the best sources of natural iodine today. Iodine is an essential mineral for the Thyroid gland, an extremely vital organ that controls blood pressure, hair and nail structure, cholesterol levels, reproductive function, body fat, and many other aspects of the human body.1 

Seaweed supplements are one of the best ways for your body to get iodine because the iodine in seaweed is organically bound. When you consume organically-bound iodine, your body will only absorb the amount it needs.6

For example, Japanese people who eat seaweed every day usually don’t have issues with the amount of iodine they consume. Most of it just passes through their bodies.6

modifilan seaweed extract

Modifilan has the property of being a very good absorbent… when Modifilan enters the gastrointestinal tract, it starts to absorb toxins, because it is kind of like a sponge. Modifilan helps remove toxins we consume from food like heavy metals and other chemicals.

Javdat Karimov, ND

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Modifilan Seaweed Supplement and Tumor Growth

Modifilan is an excellent source of Fucoidan. One particular study showed how Fucoidan can promote apoptosis (self-destruction) of certain types of can-cer cells.2, 5, 8, 10 However, scientists are still in the process of studying the ability of Fucoidan to fight can-cer growth, so we encourage you to read up on fucoidan and make your own conclusions.


Fucoidan has also been observed to be beneficial in calming gut inflammation.

Concentration vs. Other Seaweed Supplements

Modifilan is the one of the most highly concentrated seaweed supplement on the market, so it’s expensive to produce – You need around forty pounds of seaweed to make one pound of Modifilan. Because of this, Modifilan delivers more benefits with only small amount. 

Bioavailability vs. Other Seaweed Supplements

Even the most recognized seaweed supplements are usually just dried and ground raw seaweed. However, plain raw seaweed is not really that digestible and so it isn’t an ideal supplement.

To illustrate this point, you can mix any other types of seaweed supplement powder in water, and you will see that the seaweed does not entirely dissolve. Instead, it makes a sludge that is difficult for the body to break down. 

One way to make seaweed more digestible is by cooking it. Unfortunately, this can alter the nutrient content of the seaweed. However, Modifilan is an uncooked extract, so the nutrients are left intact.

When Modifilan is mixed with water, it develops into a transparent, suspended gel. The Modifilan fully dissolves, which is a good indication that it is in a bioavailable form (meaning it’s easy for your body to absorb and use).

kombu seaweed
Dried Laminaria Used in Modifilan


Modifilan was originally developed by researches as a treatment for victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Clinical studies showed that Modifilan was an effective means of eliminating radioactive particles, helping the body inhibit tumor growth, and rehabilitating thyroid function. In 2001 the name “Modifilan” became a registered trademark in the USA. 



We recommend Modifilan to everyone as a prophylactic supplement to support many aspects of the body’s health. It is the one of the most amazing recipes in nature for a complete and healthy diet.

Let food be your medicine


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