Who we are.

The word "Dulamára" is a combination of the Gaelic words for "ocean" and "seaweed." At Dulamára, we strive to craft the purest, most excellent seaweed-based natural skin and hair care products on the market. We call our products "natural," but unlike many other companies, we take that word very seriously. We craft our products just as much for ourselves and our families as for the customer, whom we regard as part of our community.

What we believe.

We believe that the ocean is a vast reservoir of healing and nourishment. Seaweed is a concentration of the virtues of the ocean. It is a packed storehouse of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other vital micronutrients. It has an incredible ability to absorb and detox its surroundings. It imparts youth, fullness, and moisture to both skin and hair. Seaweed can truly be your body's best friend!

Our story.

In 2018, Nicolai Bajanov founded Sea Fresh Naturals LLC, launching the "Dulamára" health and beauty brand in early 2019. 

The story begins long before this, however. In the early '90s, Nicolai's father Vladimir came to America from Russia in the wake of the collapsing Soviet Union. A diver by trade, he had a deep fascination with the ocean and the riches of nutrition and healing that can be found within it.

After years of working hard at different jobs, trying to make ends meet for his budding family, Vladimir took a leap of faith and decided to start his own business. He partnered up with a friend from Russia to bring a unique health supplement to the United States. The supplement was a seaweed extract developed by biologists in Russia to help the Chernobyl nuclear disaster victims. After years of research, they finally discovered that Laminaria seaweed, a variety found in the cold, northern waters of the Pacific Ocean, contained a powerful concentration of mineral, anti-inflammatory, and detoxing substances. The seaweed extract they developed from Laminaria was especially helpful for people with thyroid issues. 

The supplement was called Modifilan®. Several years after Vladimir and his business partner brought the product to the United States, Modifilan® became immensely popular in the natural health community. 

Nicolai, Vladimir's son, has always shared his father's passion for health. However, during college, Nicolai let his health fail and gradually got out of the habit of taking Modifilan®. This began to affect both his mood and his appearance. His hair started falling out, and he was having numerous skin issues.

He decided to do something about it. He started taking Modifilan®, and his condition began to improve. He had more energy and was doing better in his classes. But his hair was still coarse and thin from years of bad care, and the shampoo he was using just made his hair feel stripped and unhealthy. 

While conducting research at his university, Nicolai discovered the nourishing benefits of seaweed when applied directly to skin and hair. He created a simple paste out of Modifilan® and was stunned by how great both his skin and hair felt after applying it.

He decided to share the amazing beauty benefits of Modifilan® for skin and hair by launching the Dulamára brand. Nicolai continues to be directly involved with the manufacturing of his products. 
He vows to continue improving his products and to never sacrifice quality for profit. He also vows to remain eternally grateful to his family and friends' sacrifice and support. It's based on this community of support that Dulamára exists and continues to thrive. 

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