Seaweed Hair and Body Care

Crafted with love in the Pacific Northwest

Why Seaweed?

We love seaweed because it’s full of vitamins, minerals, detoxifying gels, and antioxidants. Discover some of the many uses for one of the Ocean’s most versatile super foods:

transform your hair

What do mermaids use for their hair? you guessed it. Seaweed moisturizes, detoxifies, and nourishes with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to fight dry or damaged hair. Give your hair the TLC it deserves!

transform your skin

The seaweed variety we use contains fucoidan, a powerful substance that retains moisture and helps build collagen.

transform your Health

Seaweed can detox your body like a sponge, and it contains a perfect blend of minerals for supporting the metabolism. Modifilan is an excellent supplement to deliver seaweed’s health benefits to your body. Try it out!

Natural Health, Natural Beauty

Here at Dulamára, we believe that beauty comes from health. Experience our line of all-natural hair products, skin products and supplements that harness seaweed’s healing power. We craft each product in small batches with careful attention to quality and purity, and we use only the most natural ingredients possible. Dive in and enjoy the Ocean’s bounty!

Our products contain:

Natural, plant-based ingredients

Only the most harmless preservatives

Our products DO NOT contain:




Animal Cruelty

Modifilan: A Unique Recipe

Modifilan is a natural, raw concentrate. Modifilan brings out the nutrients in seaweed by stripping it of its heavy fibers. It works great as a dietary supplement because it’s highly bio-available. It’s great for thyroid health, detoxing heavy metals, anti-inflammation support and more!

seaweed diever standing in wetsuit

About Dulamára

As an avid scuba diving enthusiast, I’ve always had a great passion for the Ocean. During my research about how to deal with my thinning, frizzy and damaged hair, I discovered the remarkable benefits of seaweed. I founded Dulamára with a vision to share the power of seaweed through high quality natural products. I invite you to try out our premium product line and let your hair and body be transformed!

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Nicolai Bajanov

Founder and Owner

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