Seaweed Hair and Body Care

Crafted with love in the Pacific Northwest

We love seaweed!

Here at Dulamára, we’re big fans of seaweed. Seaweed is packed full of vitamins, minerals, detoxifying alginates, anti-inflammatory fucoidan, amino acids and more. It can be ingested internally as a food or applied to the hair or skin to promote youthfulness and health. On top of all this, producing seaweed is gentle on the environment!

Quality for the Whole Body

Experience our line of natural seaweed products for the whole body, hand crafted with quality, passion, and a love for the Ocean. We promise our products will leave your skin, hair, and entire body feeling fresh as the salty sea air.

Modifilan® Seaweed Extract

We use a unique seaweed extract called Modifilan® in most of our products. Modifilan® is a natural, raw concentrate of Kombu brown seaweed. Modifilan® augments the nutrients in seaweed by stripping the seaweed’s heavy fibers. It works great as a dietary supplement because it is more bio-available than regular seaweed. It is great for thyroid support, detoxing of heavy metals, anti-inflammation support and more!


About Dulamára

As an avid scuba diving enthusiast, I’ve always had a great passion for the Ocean. During my research about how to deal with my thinning, frizzy and damaged hair, I discovered the remarkable benefits of seaweed. I founded Dulamára with a vision to share the power of seaweed through high quality natural products. I invite you to try out our premium product line and let your hair and body be transformed!

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Nicolai Bajanov

Founder and Owner

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